Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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This is the clan rules page.


  1. Treat all members with respect
  2. The Guild Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers have the rank they do because the earned it.  Show them some respect.
  3. Remember you represent this guild in and out of game.  Please don't make us look bad.
  4. If you have a problem please use the chain of command.  Don't just run directly to the Guild Commanding Officer or the Guild Executive Officer.
  5. Yes, We will expand the games we play as the need arises.  We have no problems being and guild/clan that spans multiple games as long as we have the memberbase to warrant it.
  6. Don't ask about being promoted.  If you earn it you will get it. (There are some situations where that won't happen such as when promoting to General).
  7. Any Officer found abusing his/her power will be immediately demoted to the rank of Private.  We expect our officers to be mature and handle their power properly.
  8. There is no favoritism here.  Any officer, Commissioned or Non-Commisioned will be immediately repremanded for playing favorites.



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