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Welcome to Tactical Alliance. We are now recruiting for all games. Please apply with the application link on the left.


We are now supporting Arma 3!  We figured since we pride ourselves on tactical gameplay that this game is a perfect match. 

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Tactical Alliance has Officially added Interstellar Rift to our list of games.  This game is a space sim that allows players to build their own ships.  At the time of our acceptance of this game it has just reached Alpha and has a long road to go.  We added this game to our list so we can start to build our fleet and stations to give us the advantage as the game progresses through development.

  The game can be purchased on Steam from the below address:


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It has been decided that the current early release game Space Engineers is now officially added to our list of games.  This game focuses on using teamwork to build and maintain a powerful space fleet.  We will be adding a dedicated server in the very near future (Once the devs get the new multi-player platform released) which can be used by all members to continually expand our capabilities.  Because of this a few new billets will probably be added to our current rank structure since resources and other items are needed and should be regulated (within reason) so the clan can build up our fleet.  Information on these billets will be posted in the future so stay tuned.



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